LaMEP and CENPES/Petrobras narrow down R,D&I partnership

/ October 28, 2017/ Events

On the last October 25 and 26, the researchers Eduardo Roemers and Flávia Falcão at CENPES/Petrobras came to CI to meet LaMEP and know more about the group’s research interests.  In the first day of visitation, both researchers spoke to a general audience in an overview talk where the CENPES foundation, the role of Petrobras in fostering the Brazilian research over the years, as well as ongoing research projects were presented.

During the talk, the CI community was acquainted with the multidisciplinary challenges that Petrobras faces on a daily basis at exploration and production activities, which are not limited to petroleum engineering itself. The CENPES’ researchers stressed that Petrobras currently accounts about 50 active research networks formed by miscellaneous scientists. In this regard, it was emphasized that much of the skills that are being acquired by CI’s students in their courses in mathematics and computation are substantial to solve the real problems of the company.

The talk was followed by a meeting among LaMEP’s researchers, Prof. Gustavo Oliveira and Prof. Moisés Dantas, along with the CI’s Research Advisor, Prof. Waldir Roque and the Vice-Director, Prof. Lucídio Cabral (see photo below), where it was discussed prospects for partnerships not only between LaMEP and CENPES/Petrobras, but also for other CI’s groups. CENPES’ representatives were open-minded to narrowing down institutional alliances aiming R,D&I projects.

In the morning of the second day of visitation, the visitors met the LaMEP team to know the group’s research lines and the ongoing activities linked to reservoir modeling and characterization. On this occasion, technical details and research prospects were debated. Later on, the researchers took opportunity to know the campus I, where they visit the facilities of the Laboratory for Technology in New Materials – TECNOMAT, belonging to the Graduate Program in Materials Engineering and linked to Institute for Development of Paraíba – IDEP, whose expertise in developing cement-based materials is of interest to petroleum well engineering.

CENPES/Petrobras visitation to LaMEP was successful and bring new motivations to CI/UFPB. LaMEP, in turn, stands in its mission of fostering alliances and partnerships with external sector, as well as of acting toward UFPB’s strengthening. We expect that, soon, LaMEP may firm a partnership  with CENPES/Petrobras, considered the largest research center in Latin America.

Fonte: LaMEP

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