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LaMEP’s researcher is co-author of paper published in Soil & Tillage Research

Waldir Roque, retired professor of DCC/UFPB and active collaborator at LaMEP has co-authored the paper X-ray microtomography analysis of representative elementary volume (REV) of soil morphological and geometrical properties, published in Soil & Tillage Research. The paper is intended to study macroporous characteristics of Ferralsol Rhodic soils.

LaMEP publishes paper at the Journal of Applied Mathematics

In collaboration with Prof. Jesus da Mota, researcher at Federal University of Goiás, Prof. Aparecido de Souza had the paper Multiple Traveling Waves for Dry Forward Combustion Through a Porous Medium published at the SIAM’s Journal of Applied Mathematics da SIAM. The paper studies the problem of the combustion front propagated over porous media, a relevant issue for improving thermal oil recovery processes.

LaMEP publishes new paper at Petroleum Science and Technology

Profs. Gustavo Oliveira and Moises Dantas are co-authors of a newly published paper for publication at Petroleum Science and Technology, from Taylor & Francis. The paper A Study on continuous and intermittent THAI processes in Brazil’s Northeastern Region was intended to compare different approaches for enhanced heavy-oil recovery using the  Toe-to-Heel Air Injection – THAITM  technique.